We welcome participants from all quarters. Many of us are professional scholars, but we are also looking for citizen scholars: people with an interest in Donne and willingness to contribute their time and expertise. There are a variety of tasks to be done, including, but not limited to, the following:
  • check and correct transcriptions
  • encode transcriptions in XML
  • Locate bibliographic references
  • check and correct biblical references
  • locate biblical allusions
  • acquire digital images of early printed editions
  • edited images of early printed editions

This list includes anyone who has contributed substantially to the project in any number of capacities, from checking transcriptions to acquiring images or resources to enable the work of the project. Much thanks to all of our partners and participants in this project!

Lyla Abi-Saab
Hugh Adlington
Karley K. Adney
Shanyn Altman
Sara Anderson
Alexandria Appel
Sarah Baldwin
Jon Bath
Ashley Baum
Johanna Bird
Barbara Bordalejo
Piers Brown
David Clements
Brooke Conti
Siobhan Collins
Zachary Coffman
Adrien Creger
Lara Crowley
Kyle Dase
Matthew Donauer
Sean Davidson
Helen Dunn
Jon deTombe
Margaret Downs-Gamble
Linda Englade
Stuart Farley
Mary Farrington
Vincent Felix
Colin Gibbings
Christina Gordon
Stephen Hardy
Bryan Hampton
Craig Harkema
Bryan Herek
William Hrusovsky
Robert Imes
Anne James
Jeffrey Johnson
Anne Kelly
Erin Kelly
Andrew Klein
Greg Kneidel
Alison Knight
Dan Krahn
John Lazinsky
Colin Lahive
Kirsty March
Tati Pena
Thomas McDermott
Sean McDowell
Tracy McLawhorn
Will McPherson
Brent Nelson
Elias Nelson
Jesse Nelson
John Ottens
Anne Prescott
Harvey Pullen
Robert Reeder
Peter Robinson
Kevin Rogers
David Rybinski
Maria Salenius
Ole Schenk
Joel Salt
Amie Shirkie
Jeanne Shami
Jesse Sharpe
Jason Slaughter
Gary Stringer
Mark Samuel Sweetnam
Brendan Swalm
Meghan Witzel
Julie Yen
Michael Yetter
Tessie Prakas
Megan Pearson
Logan Runnalls
Mitch Harris
Joshua Eckhardt
Sandi Pitura
Sarah Vaughan
Adam Vázquez
Nathan Wall

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