On-going Work

transcription checking and correcting
We have fresh images and are nearly finished checking transcriptions of Donne's XXVI sermons and Fifty sermons. We are looking for volunteers to begin checking and correcting transcriptions of LXXX sermons.

A few scholars have assumed oversight of the transcriptions of the shorter prose works. Work has begun on these transcriptions also, but volunteers are welcome:
  • Essays in Divinity (Sean Davidson)
  • Ignatius his Conclave (Sean McDowell)
  • Conclave Ignati (Piers Brown)
  • Biathanatos (Siobhan Collins)
  • Paradoxes and Problems (Lara Crowley)

We are also interested in acquiring images of seventeenth-century printings of Donne's prose works. Our priority is to acquire high quality color images of at least one copy of each edition, but ultimately, we would like multiple copies of each.

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